Getting Started

We believe that clay pigeon shooting should be accessible to all. At Bowcombe View Shooting Ground, we understand that starting a new sport can sometimes be a daunting prospect, so we endeavour to ensure a welcoming and safe start to the sport of clay pigeon shooting. We believe that an introductory lesson at Bowcombe View Shooting Ground is the perfect way to introduce a novice to the fun and challenge of clay pigeon shooting. Private lessons are custom tailored to the individual, group or family and we try to emphasise the fun and enjoyment available through clay pigeon shooting.

You may have seen clay pigeon shooting on television, where the targets are launched as a repetition of similiar targets. This is trap or skeet shooting, which is available at the ground. However, we mainly focus on English Sporting Clays, a sport which features a far more varied choice of targets, stands and layout.

What is Sporting Clays?

English Sporting Clays first started in England in the early 20th Century, it has become the most popular form of clay shooting and is now shot all over the world. Clay targets are presented to the shooter in ways that mirror the flight pattern of game birds and provides a shooting environment that offers different layouts and a constant challenge.

 The shooting course is laid out in stands or stations. On each stand clays are thrown in pairs, either simultaneously, on report or following and generally in three to five pairs per stand. A course consists of numerous stands, where 100 birds or more may be presented. The course setter can use any type of clay and with variation of speed, angle and distance can make a shoot as enjoyable and testing as possible.

What does a lesson consist of and what do I need to bring?

If you would like to start clay pigeon shooting, we can provide everything you need to get underway. A common misconception is that you need a shotgun licence to be able to participate in the sport. This is not the case as our ground benefits from an exemption certificate which means you can come and use one of our guns, with one of our coaches, without the need to have a license. Our beginners coaching package will ensure you get away to the best, safest start in the sport and caters for everything, all that you need to bring along is your self.

We will meet you at the ground at the agreed time and have a chat about what you would like to do. We'll talk through the safety aspects of the sport and if required, provide you with hearing and eye protection. We will provide the gun as required and walk you through how the gun works and the correct, safe handling of the gun including how to load and empty the gun. We'll check your eye dominance and guide you through how to mount the gun correctly. Then we will then head out to the course with some cartridges and under our guidance, you'll start shooting clays!

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